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Becky Vonnahme, MA

My name is Becky Vonnahme. I named my company The Right Grants because contrary to popular belief, there are actually wrong grants out there. Grants that don't fit your organization's goals, grants that end up adding an exorbitant amount of work to your staff's already full plate - these are not the right grants to be spending precious time and money chasing after. Unlike others out there, I'm not afraid to turn down a paycheck to provide that type of feedback. My clients deserve that level of honesty. I guess it's just my "Iowa" nature.

Speaking of Iowa, my office is located a few dozen steps away from cattle, pigs and cornfields in the rural Western half of this great state. But don't let that isolated location fool you. I'm savvy and have the right training, right experience and right technology to get the job done - and done right.

Overall, I have more than two decades of experience focusing on public relations, marketing, leadership, fundraising and grant writing. I transitioned from daily newspaper reporting to working at a major medical school, to spending nine years as a Director of Development and Public Relations at critical access hospitals before venturing out on my own. Plus, throw in a few years of teaching undergraduate college students at night, and I think you'll appreciate the skill set I can bring to the table. And guess what - as an added bonus, I understand non-profit management! You see I used to be in those infamous one-person-show shoes, so I know the frustration of wearing many hats all while working within tight budgets to achieve your strategic goals.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa, double majored in Communication Studies and Journalism-Mass Communication

  • Master's degree in Communication from Wichita State University 

  • "Year 10" graduate of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Public Health Leadership Institute 

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